At DILE we face strong competition which, encourages us to do better. In this sense, and as a differentiating factor from other brands and products that base their commercial strategy around PRICE, DILE champions the values of QUALITY and EUROPEAN manufacture.

Additionally, chairs are products subject to wear, so durability is a key factor. Customers who appreciate these factors have no doubt that DILE is the right choice.

This reinforces DILE’s position of being an exception in the sector by guaranteeing our chairs for three years.



We would like to amplify the information about the conditions of our said warranty.

Covered by the guarantee:

• Mechanisms (includes frameworks, internal mechanisms, and bases)

• Gas column (if included as part of the product).

• Wheels  (if included as part of the product).

• Arms (if included as part of the product): this includes framework, internal mechanism, and buttons.

• Base (if included as part of the product).

• Seat and Backrest exterior (if included as part of the product).


Not Covered by the DILE Guarantee:

• General wear and tear.

• Incorrect use of chair functions or mechanisms of the chair without prior training.

• Use of the chair for any purpose other than seating, including the modification or alteration of the product.

• Deterioration or wear due to abusive use or use of the product in inappropriate environments and conditions.

• Natural wear of upholstery fabrics.

• Fabrics provided by the customer.

• Cleaning using tools or products not recommended for the cleaning of textiles, synthetics, and skins.

• Lack of proper maintenance of the product.

DILEOFFICE S.L. reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim where we consider that the fault or defect has been caused directly by the user.

The DILE warranty includes three years for components (bases, steel frames, arms, seat and back exteriors, and mechanisms) except for surface damage caused by normal use.

This guarantee will be valid for chairs with normal use, with a maximum of 8 hours (except Atika 24H and Flexa 24H).

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