Efficient Technology



A strong business bond with each and every one of our strategic suppliers, making us stronger and more agile, with the aim of providing immediate response to all orders and enquiries from our customers and the market in general.
The most advanced techniques in injected plastic, in polyurethane, metal and steel treatment mean we are able to offer highly crafted details and the utmost quality in all our products.
We dedicate great technological efforts to our product design process for the very best finished results when making our chairs.


Right from the very conception of the product to the initial production phase, we involve our technical department, strategic suppliers and external designers. All this is a coordinated effort to obtain impeccable results, with high quality, European standard products.
We know how important tradition is in our upholstery. Highly specialised staff, with the latest technology and know-how aimed specifically at caring for the smallest detail. Every single stitch displays the great effort we put into guaranteeing the very highest quality craftsmanship for our clients.
We innovate with materials to improve the sensation of comfort in our chairs and office chairs, with polyurethane injection techniques which are capable of faithfully reproducing the most ergonomic designs.



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