Selection Dileoffice.

We would like to introduce you to an additional element in our catalogues and other Dileoffice documentation. We have selected our best collections to introduce you to a product guide that combines physical and digital information. This is intended for end users and distributors responsible for appropriate dissemination.
In Dileoffice we have always seen the new technologies as a commercial resource, and endeavour for communication of the first order to serve our customers.
We have taken a further step with the addition of augmented reality, available by downloading the application ‘clickar’ (Click Augmented Reality) and scanning the cover of the advertisement, which gives access to the contents and more downloads from our website. With this simple application, we can access the Dileoffice website and all the information it contains.



In 2015, we will include a selection of products allowing the customer to visualize Dileoffice them in any space or facility in 3D through the free app ‘clickar’.
This is just the beginning, because with this tool our customers and distributors can organize amazing events using augmented reality to captivate customers and enhance the Dileoffice brand value.




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