Quality And Corporate Responsibility

DILEOFFICE currently holds DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 14006:2011 certification.
Our concern with quality does not end at our facilities: we believe that offering clients impeccable service is just as important as manufacturing quality. Our 3 year guarantee backs up our full commitment to quality, a fact which would be impossible without the complete integration of all our certified suppliers, who support the Dileoffice iniative of offering customers the utmost in security.


Furthermore, DILEOFFICE offers the Monitored Quality Control Symbol on most of its products, thus certifying and recognising that fact that they have passed different tests at the laboratories of the AIDIMA Furniture Technology Institute and have therefore demonstrated suitability for the use for which they were intended. They have proved their excellent quality.

To offer even better quality on our products and share corporate efforts within the sector, DILEOFFICE is a member of a FAMO (Association of Producers and General and Contract Office Equipment).



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