Cookies Policy

1. Legislation

In accordance with the European and Spanish regulations regarding cookies, as stated in the Directive 2002/58/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002, and the Royal Decree of Law 13/2012, dated 30th March, we are obliged to inform you of our cookies policy.

2. The concept of cookies

Cookies are small text files, that the server sends to your browser, containing information of the activity on the website. In this way, the server can refer to it when required, either in the current session or during subsequent visits to the website.

3. Cookies used by DILEOFFICE S.L.

DILEOFFICE S.L., like the majority of web pages, uses cookies in order to improve the website, and because they are necessary for the correct operation of the applications contained therein.

The cookies contained in our website are for the sole purpose of improving our website. They are not used to collect information of a personal nature.

To continue, we will describe the cookies used:

Session cookies - These are cookies generated by the website and are necessary for the correct functioning of the web pages and applications. Session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed.

Web analysis cookies - Our website uses Google Analytical cookies to obtain visitor data, pages visited, and other statistical information. In addition, Google Adwords cookies are used to gather information about the data received by the visitor, as a source of advertising. No information of a personal nature is collected.

Social website cookies - The inclusion of social website use (Facebook, Twitter etc) with “share” buttons, also installs the cookies relevant to these organizations for the action registered.

External module content cookies - embedded modules through iFrame, whose content is determined by a third party. This is the case when Google Maps are used to show a location.

4. Management of cookies in the navigator

As indicated in the definition of the term “cookies”, these text files are sent to your browser, therefore, your browser can modify the management of the cookies.

Generally, this can be done by accessing the section of “Options” or “Preferences” in your browser, and by the corresponding selection, you can deactivate the acceptance of cookies, erase stored cookies, or simply limit their use. 

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